Nanorobot For Treating Cancers

Microsurgeon Nanorobot For Treating Cancer Call it a microsurgeon or soldier against tumors and cancer but yes according to new research and scientist experiments it is possible to extinct cancer through the root with the help of tiny robots without medication and surgery. This is still in process and not fully completed but we hope... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Food During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Superfoods Pregnancy is the most precious and hardest phase in every women's life. Every woman always dreamed of having a healthy and beautiful child and if something goes wrong during their pregnancy phase then they might face miscarriage or unhealthy child or maybe, premature birth which brings so many health-related complications along but, if... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Tips

Amazing Weight Loss Tips These tips are not related to a proper diet or any heavy workout but some tips that make you slim and fit without following any heavy workout or strict diet. You can need to add these tips in your routine if you're obese or very obese if normal obese or just... Continue Reading →

How To Reverse Your Ageing Process

Something that especially all girls dreamed about, to be young forever which is almost impossible but, there are some ways through which you would not just gonna look beautiful but, stay beautiful as long as you live and aged very beautifully. So, today we will tell you how you can reverse Your Ageing cycle and... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 New Vaccine

The UK Approved New COVID-19 Vaccine  Oxford-AstraZeneca  A Covid immunization from Oxford University and "AstraZeneca" pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company has approved new COVID-19 vaccine, "Oxford Azterazeneca" for use now in the UK by the regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare items Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The vaccine was approved for use by the MHRA on 30 December... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Variant

Is This New COVID-19 Is Much Advanced Where the world is already fighting with this deadly covid-19, here we have something new information about this more advanced covid-19. This is much more advanced, strong and genetically modified from the first one. This covid-19 is named "COVID-19 variant" or "B.1.1.7" too. This virus spread much faster.... Continue Reading →

Bed Time Drinks To Promote Good Sleep

Bed Time Milks For Insomnia Today we will just gonna to talk about bedtime drinks which will knock down insomnia and make you feel sleepyzzzzzz......... Well everybody has their own different sleep cycle. Some love to sleep but, some want to but are not used to instead they get used to of insomnia and laterally... Continue Reading →

Smoothies To Increase Your Youth

Anti-ageing Smoothies  Whenever it's about beauty, just remember one thing if you are internally fit and healthy then you would never need to waste your money for your external look and that is why in today's topic we brought these amazing smoothies recipes that will help you look beautiful and increase your inner and outer... Continue Reading →


Amazing Coffee Benefits  Hey, guys if you are here with your coffee then that's great but if you are not then you should because today we will going to have a coffee party just like a tea party. Internationally people start their day with a cup of coffee I'm not talking about the milk one... Continue Reading →

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